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Rod Rosenstein Is The New Devin Nunes – Only Rod Ain’t Havin’ It.


We’ll never tell you to completely discount the word of an “unnamed source.”

Do you know why? Because Heisenberg is an “unnamed source.”

So when you hear people who are champions of anonymity deride the accounts of anonymous sources, that’s a good time to call bullshit, right?


So that’s why we think you should probably take this (out Thursday morning from WaPo) seriously:

Every time FBI Director James B. Comey appeared in public, an ever-watchful President Trump grew increasingly agitated that the topic was the one that he was most desperate to avoid: Russia.

Trump had long questioned Comey’s loyalty and judgment, and was infuriated by what he viewed as the director’s lack of action in recent weeks on leaks from within the federal government. By last weekend, he had made up his mind: Comey had to go.

On Monday morning in Washington, Trump told Vice President Pence and several senior aides that he was ready to move on Comey. First, though, he wanted to talk with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his trusted confidant, and Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, to whom Comey reported directly. Trump summoned the two of them to the White House for a meeting, according to a person close to the White House.

The president already had decided to fire Comey, according to this person. But in the meeting, several White House officials said Trump gave Sessions and Rosenstein a directive: to explain in writing the case against Comey.

The pair quickly fulfilled the boss’s orders, and the next day Trump fired Comey — a breathtaking move that thrust a White House already accustomed to chaos into a new level of tumult, one that has legal as well as political consequences.

Rosenstein threatened to resign after the narrative emerging from the White House on Tuesday evening cast him as a prime mover of the decision to fire Comey and that the president acted only on his recommendation, said the person close to the White House, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Note that last bolded and underlined bit.

Now recall what we said on Wednesday.

Once in “Donald Trump Became A Hillary Clinton Supporter Last Night – Please.“:

On the bright side, Trump has just materially increased his chances of getting impeached and although he may have managed to stymie yet another investigation (as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein becomes the new Devin Nunes) into Kremlin ties, this only makes the situation worse.

And then again in “Satire (Sort Of): Comey Fired For Special-Ordering A Pair Of ‘Tiny Handcuffs’“:

It’s abundantly clear that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein is just Devin Nunes 2.0. “Here’s what you’re going to do Rod…”

Trump wanted to get something done to deflect from the Russia investigation but he had to make it look like the initiative came from someone else.

In the first version of this charade, Devin Nunes was chosen as the triggerman. In the latest iteration it was Rod Rosenstein.

This couldn’t be any more obvious.

Which means you don’t need to believe the word of a purportedly unreliable “unnamed source.”

You just have to believe that “source” which resides in your own brain.

And as it turns out, that source does have a name.

His/her name is “common sense.”




1 comment on “Rod Rosenstein Is The New Devin Nunes – Only Rod Ain’t Havin’ It.

  1. Anonymous

    Ok, aside from all that common sense thing, what the hell was Sessions doing there? He was “recused” and had no business attending this kind of meeting. Let’s please get rid of him while we are cleaning the House.

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