Spicer: Don’t Let My Hitler Screwup Distract From Trump’s “Attempts To Destabilize The Mideast”

Someone get Sean Spicer away from anything that even looks like a camera or a microphone – and please do so immediately.

Hours after claiming that Hitler never used chemical weapons during World War II, Trump’s hapless press secretary decided it was a good idea to go on CNN and “clarify” Tuesday’s “oops, I downplayed the Holocaust on Passover” moment.

Guess what? It didn’t go well.

Listen below as Spicer explains how he “needed to clarify and not, in any way shape or form perform a distraction from the President’s decisive action in Syria and the attempts that he’s making to destabilize the region”…

There are no words.

But then again, just ask Sean… he’ll find some.



4 thoughts on “Spicer: Don’t Let My Hitler Screwup Distract From Trump’s “Attempts To Destabilize The Mideast”

  1. It just keeps getting better and better. “Judgement, We don’t need no stinking judgement”. Spicy had maybe the worst day a press secretary can possibly have AND HE did all to himself. SNL is going to drop the big one on Spicy (no pun intended) and IT WILL BE EPIC(I’ll watch). Is this a bad dream?, god I want to wake up and have these people all of them, gone. Trump, his brood and the rest of this gang of fools are GOING to FU*K this up BIGLY+ BIG LEAGUE=DISASTER. I just hope we have a planet left.


  2. I just don’t understand the hubub. Sean Spicer is the perfect representative of this administration. This mid-day edition of “The Daily Show” is “Must See TV.”


  3. Rachel Maddow did a number on Spicey last night — just one flub after another, over and over, cannot pronounce Assad’s name correctly or even the same way twice incorrectly, mumbling, “destabilize” emphasis, Hitler omg how stupid, worth finding and watching it! I don’t think Spicey will last much longer ….. Trump will wave his magic wand and poof, gone…..or Spicey will just leave because of his nervous breakdown.


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