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Mission Accomplished? Fed “Prevents A Hawkish Misinterpretation”

With the Fed having pulled off what looks like a Goldilocks hike, crushing Treasury shorts and anyone who decided to
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2 comments on “Mission Accomplished? Fed “Prevents A Hawkish Misinterpretation”

  1. Guess the Dutch elections are the only remaining hope for my short position this week. SMH. Something’s gotta give…aka…God please let something give….aka…my wife is going to kill me if something doesn’t give.

    • I normally set up my large positions to last for a very long time to come to fruition, that’s life with macro economic trends. Patience is key and most players do not have enough. Dr, Burry below.”We have no confidence in your ability to identify macro economic trends”, but in the we all were right.

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