Here’s What Changed: Fed Statement Redline, Word Cloud

Here’s What Changed: Fed Statement Redline, Word Cloud

Federal Reserve increases federal funds target range to 0.75% to 1%.

  • Fed: inflation close to goal, refers to target as ‘symmetric’
  • Fed officials seeing 3+ hikes in 2017 rise to 14 from 11
  • Fed officials seeing 4+ hikes in 2017 unchanged at five
  • Fed: median federal funds est. 1.4% end-2017, unch. vs dec.
  • Fed: median federal funds est. 2.1% end-2018, unch. vs dec.
  • Fed: median federal funds est. 3% end-2019 vs 2.9% in dec.
  • Minneapolis fed’s kashkari preferred no change in rates
  • Fomc: policy to support ‘sustained return to 2% inflation’
  • Fomc: business investment ‘appears to have firmed somewha

Parse it.

Read the proverbial tea leaves.

Take it to your local palm reader.



One thought on “Here’s What Changed: Fed Statement Redline, Word Cloud

  1. This policy is HORSESH*T. INFLATION in the real world IS NOT under the MAGIC 2%…………. EVERYONE I talk to on a daily basis is STRUGGLING, EVERYTHING costs MORE<and more and more. I'm pretty sure many of the FED numbers are "being massaged a bit" to keep this "status quo" thing going. People are not buying it because they deal with rising costs of almost everything. Their pension funds many which were and are being miss managed throughout the country are in arrears at almost 2,000,000,000,000 Trillion$$$. DEBT, DEBT, DEBT USA, China, Japan, EU and on and on, Janet and cronies have to create $4 fiat dollars for every net $1 dollar in net spending just in the US. That is the story folks (money for nothing) as we print our way into the worst depression in history. World debt is at least 150 Trillion and some economists put it at over 250 Trillion. Can you say RESET. SH*T this is gonna hurt a lot of people sooner rather than later as the can can't be kicked too much further down the road. The percentage of people who can't afford to write a $500.00 check is on the rise. OUCH!

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