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Monday Humor: Compare & Contrast

Courtesy of a guy who no one except Donald Trump takes seriously...

Courtesy of a guy who no one except Donald Trump takes seriously.

“Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing antagonistic at all about our trade agenda”…


“Never mind that book I wrote called ‘Death By China’. And certainly never mind that time I made a documentary based on my book and decided that the best way to convey the general thrust of both was to have someone create a blood-soaked poster featuring a giant dagger wrapped in a CNY100 note stabbing America to death”


Full highlights from Bloomberg: 

To boost the economy, Trump administration plans tax, regulatory and energy policy reforms along with targeting currency manipulators and trade cheaters, Peter Navarro, director of the White House National Trade Council speaks at economists’ policy conference in Washington.

  • Tackling deficits through tough, smart negotiations should help boost growth in the U.S. economy
  • Trump administration’s goal is to promote “free, fair and reciprocal trade” and right now America’s trade with the world is “anything but reciprocal” because its lower tariff and non-tariff barriers and few restrictions on foreign capital
  • 16 nations account for the lion’s share of America’s “deficit problem”
  • A strong manufacturing and defense base is bedrock of America’s national security





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