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It’s Circus Time! Everything You Need To Know About Tuesday’s Big Event

As you probably know, Donald Trump is going to address Congress on Tuesday and as CNBC's John Harwood writes, the President will be "saddled with the lowest approval ratings of any new chief executive in modern American history." Harwood is of course referring to the NBC/WSJ opinion poll which I outlined earlier on Sunday in "Trump Celebrates Historic Achievement." Now I don't know about you, but I'm fired up about Trump's forthcoming speech. I mean if you watched that train wreck of a presser he held earlier this month and you're not excited to see what the new commander in chief comes up with Tuesday night, then you need to check your f*cking pulse. Think about it. That sh*t show of a press conference included the following list of instant classic Trump-isms: "I just wanna let you know, I inherited a mess"... "Drugs are - becoming cheaper than candy barssssz"... "You know what uranium is right? This thing called nuclear weaponsssss, and other thiiiings - like lots of things are done with uranium - including some bad things"... "I love to negotiate thiiiings - I do it really well - and all that stuff"... "Nuclear holocaust would be like no other"... "The news is fake -
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