SocGen’s Big Call: It’s Time To “Make Reflation Great Again!”

“Our reading of the US situation is that, while persistently worrying at the political and diplomatic levels, it is close to Goldilocks at the economic level. The sub-2.5% GDP growth allows the Fed to tighten “only” moderately, and this is a clear burden to the US dollar and a trigger for risk-taking elsewhere.”

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“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” One Trader Indicts A “Sheep-Like, Cynical” Market

“Last week it was, U.S. is cratering, the legislative agenda is dead, China is tightening at a dangerous rate and Brazil will take down the emerging market complex. So far today, and it’s only Monday, global growth is accelerating, corporate profits are great, China knows exactly when to ease off the decelerator, PMIs are a source of strength not worry.”

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