Chart Of The Day: Asset Prices In The Trump Era

See if you can spot what’s still hanging on for dear life at record highs/tights despite lackluster incoming data and central bank tightening…


“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” One Trader Indicts A “Sheep-Like, Cynical” Market

“Last week it was, U.S. is cratering, the legislative agenda is dead, China is tightening at a dangerous rate and Brazil will take down the emerging market complex. So far today, and it’s only Monday, global growth is accelerating, corporate profits are great, China knows exactly when to ease off the decelerator, PMIs are a source of strength not worry.”

“It’s Funny Because It’s Treason”: Global Markets Jittery As Trump Makes New Lows

We start Tuesday on a treasonous note… So because he’s President, Donald Trump gets some intel. And, at least according to some sources, Trump is often surprised at just how “great” the intel is. And it turns out that maybe – just maybe – he got a little too excited when bragging about that tremendous intel to…

Contagion Warning: “There’s Nowhere Really To Hide” As Bloodbath In Commodities Continues

Oh, boy. Well, it got worse for the beleaguered metals complex overnight. After a harrowing Thursday collapse, iron ore fell again in China, as futures in Dalian dove nearly 5% and the SGX AsiaClear contract (Singapore) headed for a 12% loss on the week, the largest since November. Nickel racked up more losses, falling a third day as concerns…

Goldman Presents The Great “Fade” Trade

“This phase peaked at the end of January this year – we have entered a ‘reflation pausation’. We think this is the result of a combination of worries: (1) Disappointing hard data vs. soft data so far, in particular core CPI, (2) commodity recovery fading and base effect on headline inflation rolling off, (3) Trump optimism fading, (4) European politics moving into the hot phase, and (5) first signs of growth momentum slowing.”