9 Great Reasons To Doubt Trump’s “Phenomenal” Tax Reform Promise

“Phenomenal.” Just one word. That’s all Donald Trump thinks you need to know about his imaginary tax reform plan that’s
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1 comment on “9 Great Reasons To Doubt Trump’s “Phenomenal” Tax Reform Promise

  1. Curt Tyner

    The tax plan is DOA. With the debt-ceiling fight looming in March their will be a bloodbath. Yellen should raise rates in March but won’t. We will theoretically run out of $$$ in July literally giving Trump control of emergency spending and control over what and who gets paid. Can you say default? This is possibly the moment Trump has been blabbing about in terms of “taking care of the debt”. Interesting discussion with David Stockman (Former Reagan White House Budget Dir.) on USA Watchdog.

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