Stagflation Cometh?

Stagflation Cometh?

From the very beginning - that is, from the time Trump was elected - there's been this creeping suspicion that the new President's policy platform could dead end in stagflation. To be sure, this probably never occurred to Trump. He speaks in amorphous platitudes and superlatives. "Big league." "Tremendous people." "Good things." "Phenomenal plans." "The best deals." "Great again." For Trump, the idea that piling fiscal stimulus atop an overheating economy is likely to create an unfavorable gro
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One thought on “Stagflation Cometh?

  1. At a basic level we don’t have a 25-54 year old demographic that supports growth > 3% So even though we are going along ~2 that is probably what can be accomplished. The only way we get there is to throw the doors open to immigration.

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