Wednesday Humor (“Voter Fraud”)

Trump is right.

Here’s photographic proof that frauds did in fact vote in the election…


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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Humor (“Voter Fraud”)

  1. On a more serious note, Prof Schiller ( I don’t always agree with him ) made an interesting point. By Trump promising to make America great, he implied he would make americans great. Hillary only offered to tax the rich and redistribute the wealth. The psychological impact on the voters, on a subliminal level could have worked.

  2. Trump is trying to walk a pretty narrow edge here, promising greatness to the masses while dangling the hard-on enticing $$$$$ to ryan-shrugged and the rest of the crooks who want what’s left on the bones of average American’s safety net. Orange julius promised that nobody would “touch” the few crumbs of medicare and social security during election time but not a peep about that since. So far it doesn’t look good for the 99%, the crooks have the upper hand as they “drill baby drill” the middle class into extinction.

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