Ray Dalio: “Populism Scares Me”

Ray Dalio: “Populism Scares Me”

Ray Dalio - the zen master himself - is of course on hand at the World Economic Forum in Davos and Wednesday finds the Bridgewater boss discussing the fall of globalization and the rise of populism in a panel discussion with Christine Lagarde and Larry Summers. Now admittedly, there's something quite amusing about the spectacle that Davos has become (Heisenberg aside: I still contend that the most amusing part about the entire summit is that CNBC inexplicably forces all of their reporters to
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2 thoughts on “Ray Dalio: “Populism Scares Me”

  1. Looks like the liberal/socialist movement is just as capable of pitchforks and torches as the populists. D.C. this Friday shows that.

  2. The extreme dissatisfaction of the uninformed and non-critical thinking masses should concern everyone. The fact that it has been completely lost on the US political establishments two not so different self-interest, self-serving political parties (Trump you might remember was not a party chosen candidate – he chose the Republicans rather than the other way around) should be equally terrifying to anyone that can really see what is happening – or more so – what isn’t happening. That would the complete loss of function of the US political system.

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