“Expect A Correction”: Big Brexit Speech “May” Sow Chaos

“Expect A Correction”: Big Brexit Speech “May” Sow Chaos

UK Prime Minister Theresa May knows she's about to cause more pain for the struggling pound and trigger God only knows what kind of reaction in the FTSE and Gilts, but she doesn't care. Or more pointedly: it's going to be a "hard" Brexit and she doesn't give a shit who knows it. As I noted on Saturday evening when the news first crossed the wires, May looks prepared to incur the market's ire as she prepares the country for a complete break with the EU: https://twitter.com/heisenbergrpt/statu
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2 thoughts on ““Expect A Correction”: Big Brexit Speech “May” Sow Chaos

  1. This is a classic case of “status quo” politics in control for the benefit of “rigged” economic “upper crust” central bank decisions. Who has benefited almost exclusively from these decisions? Not the brexit/trump/ type voters or some to most of the lower to middle classes world wide. If you are not on the inside you are on the sh*t side of these economies. The shifts back and forth from “change” leaders to protectionist (take advantage of scared people) “leaders” would be worthwhile if people would actually govern with the idea of progressive governance for the backbone of their economies (the middle classes) who actually pay most of the freight for their “upper crust” lives. “Oh no, I pay a million dollars in taxes so I should get a million votes” or the standard, “Most people don’t even pay any taxes” are the mantra of these privileged “in crowds”. When the top group of any society get to bloated as some estimates put 70-75% of the entire globe’s wealth is controlled by less than 1% of the world’s population, “Houston we have a problem”. Overpopulation, religion, war, climate, greed, debt, ignorance, stupidity add it all up and this toxic brew is ready to blow and it will right in our faces. The crumbs are getting too small to keep these masses from some kind of revolt, a combination of leadership (Ha,Ha), education, population control (put a sock on it), religious intervention (death is not an intervention), refuge agreement, real climate crisis commitment ,and food and water comprises would help so very much. I know that is not gong to happen, so watch out ” this sh*tstorm ” will be a terrible end to this global fiat currency experiment (the printing presses just keep on putting cheap $$$ out to cover-up DEBT). Buy some gold, silver, bitcoin and hunker down as the Chinese and USA currencies duke it out, who will emerge, I truly don’t know. “Oh man this can’t happen “, well think twice about that as just servicing this debt becomes more and more untenable.

  2. “for protectionism” – Is May guilty of this? Who would impose the tariffs when they leave the EU? The EU…if they are against the protectionism, accept UK economically all the same.

    “protectionism” and “progressivism” are not opposites mind you.

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