“Keepin’ It Real”

“Keepin’ It Real”

The other day someone who, by their own account, enjoys reading Heisenberg immensely, suggested that I might harbor an unhealthy obsession with different colored swans.

Here are some chuckle-inducing comments from said reader:

The author, as interesting and as valuable as his observations and commentary are (yes, I do find this column valuable or I wouldn’t routinely click on it), just seems to have these swans on his mind. Maybe it’s a Freudian thing. None of what he’s talking about are swanish in the leaset [sic] – black, grey, gray, blue, pink, white, or whatever.

So – nope, no swans, no ducks, no cats or dogs or squirrels – just a matter of events with probabilities that may have been under-estimated by most – all of it measured in terms of standard deviations.

Anyway – hope the author keeps it coming – let’s just stop with the swan song stuff and keep it real.

Yes, let’s “keep it real”, shall we?



(Charts: Citi)

“Nope”, there are certainly “no swans, no ducks, no cats or dogs or squirrels” in our midst and there’s certainly no evidence to suggest that tail events are happening more often than they used to. Oh, wait.




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