Resistance Is Futile…

This is more appropriate now than it was when it was first published.

Via Hedgeye.com:


It’s all up to “hope” and “animal spirits” from here, folks…

2 comments on “Resistance Is Futile…

  1. d. dugger. says:

    Futility is a philosophical concept and is generally opinion based and generally not described by any actual physical limits.

    Resistance is the amount of force necessary to create movement by overcoming inertia and or physical obstacles preventing said movement.

    Given sufficient force to overcome resistance – means resistance is never theoretically futile. Resistance is also often in the form of friction – between atoms, molecules or the respective surfaces they create preventing their movement between two surfaces in contact with each over and under sufficient force to keep them in contact. One of the by-products of resistance/ friction and the energy necessary to overcome them – is often heat.

    I suspect Trump is about to learn this basic physics lesson.

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