Beware The “Currency Cold War”

Beware The “Currency Cold War”

One of the key themes in 2016 was the extent to which the dollar dictated the trajectory of various asset prices. While the media has mostly focused on the post-Trump rally in the greenback (which is near 14-year highs) and the implications structural USD strength may have for EMs going forward, we shouldn't forget the important role dollar weakness played in helping risk assets bounce off their February lows. The so-called "Shanghai accord" (named for the 1985 Plaza Accord) and subsequent dec
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2 thoughts on “Beware The “Currency Cold War”

  1. Heise- glad you are feeling better and thanks for all the great writing and analysis. Please try and explain how the world debt some say it’s 250 TRILLION or more could possibly be paid. Is it a question of importance or not?

  2. It would indicate that US based investors should remain is US based investments, and limit their overseas exposure for the rest of 2017.

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