A Recent History Of Global Trade In One Chart

A Recent History Of Global Trade In One Chart

Ok, so let's just be honest here. Anyone who suggests that the world would be a better place with less trade and less cooperation between countries is probably wrong. For one thing, the idea that we should deglobalize isn't at all intuitive. It represents the antithesis of progress - a step back in time to a more primitive existence. Also, advocates of the Trumpian trade ethos don't like to mention any of the benefits they derive (knowingly or unknowingly) from global trade. I would probably
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One thought on “A Recent History Of Global Trade In One Chart

  1. 1)Barring a totally irrational regime (oops!), nations are less likely to nuke their best customers.
    2)I like a good mango, not to mention Scotch & rum.
    3) Prosperous exporters to the U.S. are more likely to buy our stuff, e.g., WMD’s, fast food, addictive substances (Marlboro), medical stuff (see preceding 2 items), trashy entertainment, Buicks, etc.

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