Trader: ‘The Path For All Fiat Currencies Is Clear’

“…never in modern financial history has a Central Bank expanded its balance sheet through quantitative easing and then successfully shrunk it back down.”


Barclays CEO: If Something ‘Snaps’, The Return Of Vol. Is Going To Be ‘Quite Something To Behold’

It’s almost – almost – like this fucker gets it.

Bitcoin And VIX Correlation Has Increased ‘Dramatically’: The ‘New Frontier Of Risk-Taking’

And there you go. Another way for cryptocurrencies to morph into a systemic risk…

What Can Stop This Party?

Obviously, nothing could go wrong here.

Short Vol. Is One Big Momentum Trade

Also ensuring a rapid reversion are everyone’s favorite market doomsday vehicles.

One ‘Ominous’ Sign For The Vol. Sellers: Fatter Tails

“Vol shorts will get their comeuppance, even if it’s later rather than sooner.”

This Is ‘The Most Intriguing, Worrying’ Factor For Volatility (Hint: It’s The Flow, Stupid)

“We are likely to be nearing a low point for major market bond and equity vol, and if the catalyst is policy it will likely come from positive volatility QE ‘flow effect’ being more powerful than the vol depressant ‘stock effect’.”

The Great Disconnect: 5 Reasons Why Volatility Is Detached From ‘Chaotic Uncertainty’

After all, “shouldn’t greater uncertainty about key economic policy issues lead to a larger dispersion of likely potential outcomes for companies?”

A New Global Trend Or Just Maple Syrup On Bacon?

“I can already hear the guffaws from all my hard money readers. The last thing the government needs to do is spend more money is what they will say. We need to save more, spend less, and tighten our belts. Well, that has been tried.”

The Question Every Goldman Client Is Asking: ‘Is An Equity Correction Imminent?’

“The question every client asks: ‘Is an equity correction imminent?’ The impetus for the inquiry comes from several sources”…

Wall Street Journal Thinks Armchair Vol. Sellers May Be A Gang Of Silly Idiots

“If volatility is no longer predictable, the “short-vol” strategies used by hedge funds, pension funds and institutional investors—and available through exchange-traded products, too—are riskier than their advocates suggest.”

1/2 Off Heisenberg Phone Call Sale: $5,000/ 30 Minutes

It turns out people like bullsh*t research. Well, not really. Let me be more specific. It turns out people like to laugh at bullsh*t research. A few weeks back, I started a new series here on Heisenberg Report that I thought might have a significant amount of comedic value and thus would be conducive to…