Of Cryptos And Kurodas: A Friday Macro Tourist Odyssey

“And before you send me messages how I don’t understand it, don’t forget I was mining bitcoin before most of Wall Street had ever heard of it.”


What, No Nukes?

There’s always tomorrow.

Monday Bloody Monday.

There will be blood.

Yen Slides Against All G-10 Peers As Abe Seeks 2 Trillion Stimulus Package

“The prime minister plans to instruct related ministers to announce 2 trillion yen of new economic measures within the year after announcing the change in consumption tax increase at the economic and fiscal advisory council on the 25th.”

Euro Falls After German Election Raises More Questions Than It Answers

“…most likely you will get some Swiss franc support on the back of those results.”

‘Tell That To Rain Man’

“Either way, you gotta be super smart to run a country and sell vol. buddy, okay? It’s not easy.”

North Korea May Detonate H-Bomb In The Pacific: Yonhap

“It could be the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific.”

Comedy Hour Is Brought To You By: The BoJ

Now if you didn’t know any better, you’d be inclined to think that any dissent as it relates to the BoJ’s lunatic policies would have to be centered around an objection to the inherent recklessness of it all. But that’s if you didn’t know any better…

La, La, La.

Finally, in case you haven’t had enough of “connecting the dots” today, here’s another exercise for you…

Dollar On The Move, EM Under Pressure As Fed Holds Firm On Trajectory

Dollar bears on the back foot all of the sudden…

Apocalypse Now (Again).

Well for those who had their doom bunkers all prepped and ready, there’s “good” news on Tuesday – the apocalypse is back on.


“What more could a Japanese equity bull want?”

Watching Paint Dry. Illogically.

As one reader put it earlier today, “is just being open for trading” a good enough reason for stocks to rally? 


This time last week, everyone thought we’d all seen our last Friday.


Kim Jong-Un looks like he’s losing his ability to move markets.