Kanye Shrug.

And that’s the week.


Euro Bulls Fired Up As German Coalition Talks Push Common Currency To Three-Year High

Long euro may be a crowded trade, but by God it’s worked out pretty well over the past couple of days. 

‘Tremendous Benefits’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, who’s ready to grab the new week by the…

Of Secessionists And Populists: Across The Pond And Back Again

The stamina of the secessionists and the propitiation of the populists…

Time For A French Kiss?

Meanwhile, across the pond…


More records.

Into The Wild Blue Yonder.

Ok, well there were some notable headlines to start the week…

Of Double-Downgrades, Booming GDP And Stocks That Are Priced To Perfection

…and all the commentary was accompanied by stock photos of people in hard hats making shit with screwdrivers.

‘Maybe Volatility Is The Answer.’

“All this combines to suggest a volatile fourth quarter. Year-end themes remain elusive.”

Still One Of My Favorite Trades

“This might seem trite, but the scariest thing in today’s market is currency strength. No one wants it. No one can afford it.”

Monday Bloody Monday.

There will be blood.

How Russian Bots Pushed AfD Voter Fraud Myth Before Germany’s Election

“Its activity profile is unusual.”

Angela Merkel Victorious, But Coalition Prospects, AfD Performance Raise Concerns

Leader of the free world.

Euro Falls After German Election Raises More Questions Than It Answers

“…most likely you will get some Swiss franc support on the back of those results.”

‘This Looks Less Market-Friendly Than Expected’: Will German Results Weigh On Euro?

To be sure, this looks like it will hit the euro in early trading. The single currency will likely knee-jerk lower against both the yen and the franc and you can expect to see a flight-to-safety bid in fixed income.