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Can Trump Save Trumponomics?

In spite of its namesake.

In spite of its namesake.
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7 comments on “Can Trump Save Trumponomics?

  1. Billy Oxygen

    I would try to make an argument about this being “throwing good money after bad”, but o gotta get my butt to work. Maybe later.

  2. Best post in a long while…says it the way it is….Form your own conclusions as usual…!!

  3. Trumponomics was doomed from the start, both by its mercantile aspects and the the unfortunate fact that Trump is its leading spokesperson. What we’re seeing from the administration now is a real-life version of Yosemite Sam spraying bullets willy-nilly hoping he hits something. Not gonna happen. Trump is going down in 2020, and he’ll take the Republican-controlled Senate with him. We should all be garetful for that.

  4. No brainer here, go back to the GOP hero Raygun and the tax cut playbook, where deficits didn’t matter — using history and reality, the next step for the trump miracle will be tax increases, but of course that’s basically why he wants treasury yields to stay low, i.e., because borrowing is cheaper — but at some point, when tax revenues slow and growth declines, there becomes that odd notion that deficits do matter

  5. Fat Chance

    “There’s a delicious irony to it,” he told Markets Insider in an interview. “The one person who has the greatest ability to weaken the US dollar is of course Donald Trump.”

    Berich says that if Trump dropped the trade war, it would lift worldwide growth and give the global economy the opportunity to recover, especially if the Fed is easing at the same time. That would most likely lead to a weaker dollar — an outcome that seems unlikely as tensions continue to escalate.

  6. Anonymous

    Trumponomics, or whatever this idiots policies are described as, they are all designed to cynically appeal to his base and to hopefully ensure his re-election. This egocentric incompetent will destroy the worlds economy in order to satisfy his own ego.

  7. Anonymous

    Recent polling data shows that the public’s support for everything Trump is against is gaining (public support = inverse of Trump promotion). Notably, American pulbic support for free trade and immigration are increasing. The world’s best salesman. NOT. Best Carnival Barker…Maybe.

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