One Trader Would Appreciate It If You’d Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ass On Monday

“Show a little spirit and giddy up.”


Super Mario: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, the docket is full and the risks are multiplying.

Trader Warns (Again): The Next Crisis Won’t Be Like The Last One

“Well for me it’s no contest. Slick youtube presentations warning about Danger Ahead (that looks exactly like the Danger Behind!) are like an investor in 2007 warning about tech stocks because the 2000 DotCom crash was still ringing in their head.”

Blood Orgy Of The Central Banker Devils

“These policies, which are also being followed by the other world central banks, will lead to disaster.” 

El-Erian: You’re Betting On Three Things – Even If You Don’t Know It

“If you are adding to your long-term holdings of stocks and other risk assets at current market valuations, you are likely to be betting — knowingly or not — on a combination of three drivers of future returns; or you are planning to sell your holdings to someone who is or will be making that bet.”

One Trader Thinks Everyone Has Found Religion – Here’s Why

“This is really just one manifestation of the more earthly, you can’t fight city hall. A twist in a post-vigilante world, which can’t bear not to believe that the authorities will deliver what our financial market investing thesis requires, while at the same time being utterly incompetent.”

‘Good Luck Out There’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Oh, boy. Try to wrap your head around all of this.

One Trader Calls It: This Is The Day When It All Changes

“I’m talking about good old fashioned two-way flow and nascent trends galore.”

This Is ‘The Most Intriguing, Worrying’ Factor For Volatility (Hint: It’s The Flow, Stupid)

“We are likely to be nearing a low point for major market bond and equity vol, and if the catalyst is policy it will likely come from positive volatility QE ‘flow effect’ being more powerful than the vol depressant ‘stock effect’.”

‘The Biggest ETF In Town’

“And with CSPP holdings at €116bn and growing, a big ETF at that!”

The Everything Bull Market.

“In the end, however, there may be no escape for investors”…

What Are You Thinking?

Simply put: if the idea is to communicate that the hawkish shift is going to be “coordinated”, market participants aren’t getting the message.

It’s A Volatility Trap!

“Investors face a conundrum.”

There Are No Bears Left. None. Not A Soul.

“Stocks were being pushed higher because everything was so FUBAR’d. Central Bank balance sheet expansion was pushing risk assets higher, and for the longest time, everyone wanted to fade it.”

‘Cue The Return Of The Dour Mood’

“The glass half-full approach. But caution, mistrust, the search for competitive advantage or outright blunders by the powers-that-be risk exacting a very steep cost. Unless, of course, all the alleged bubbles people rail about are your bread and butter.”