Out To Pastor

A lot of people, myself included, will be eating crow in 2028 when Joe Biden, by then 109, celebrates the completion of a second term by running a marathon. After sprinting through a red ribbon at the finish line, he'll regale throngs of delirious supporters with tongue twisters in a breathtaking display of rhetorical dexterity. "And folks, I just want to say: 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!'" he'll shout, sweating and dressed in a HOKA jogger. The crowd's deafening. He reaches

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19 thoughts on “Out To Pastor

  1. The DNC strategy looks clear: lose, resist, and then sabotage Trump´s second term. Kamala Harris is not a winnable alternative, while Gavin Newsome, Gretchen Whitmer, and Wes Moore are already posturing for 2028. Michele Obama does not want the job. And, if Trump has a disastrous second term, the chances of a more left-leaning candidate (AOC) winning in 2028 will improve. The liberal media also would secretly love to have Trump back in the Oval Office because he will give them daily, “deplorable”, material that is good for ratings. If losing were not the strategy, Biden would have been pushed out a week ago.

    1. condor, while I would generally agree there is a very real chance that if Trump wins a second term there will not be a 2028 election. Reading the “Project 2025” website (who Trump claims to know nothing about, never met them, just low-level coffee boys) should scare everyone with a vested interest in American democracy. I.E. most of the world

  2. “Biden says he’d listen to — namely, Rep. Jesus Christ, (D-Nazareth)”

    Thanks for the laugh, funny stuff.

    Appreciate your putting things in perspective

  3. I’m not sure breaking out the W playbook here to justify ignoring pretty much everyone is a great idea. Also couldn’t agree more that Jesus would indeed be a D as much as the R’s try to claim him. I mean if you completely avoid the gospels, sure, Christianity is a conservative religion. Problem is, the Christ is only recorded in those books and he sure did not agree with anything about the current GOP in his words and actions.

  4. Got it, he should step aside if someone else has a modicum of a better chance to win than him.

    Let’s flip this though, what if he has the best chance to win? The ‘keys to the white house’ guy seems to think Biden is the best shot.

    Is it worth keeping Biden on the ticket if he isn’t the most fit to actually govern if he wins?

    Assuming he doesn’t get 25th amendment-ed in a potential second term, most people have to assume they’re voting for a bunch of nameless advisors whose composition is subject to opaque change. Essentially voting to have a cadre of appointees as president.

  5. Bravo , thoroughly espoused and expounded reality rejoinder. You’ve definitely a knack, ever considered a run? Really enjoyed and why I tune in every day. Thanks.

  6. I’ve almost been amused at how commentators and media have accepted the notion that Jill Biden is the evil witch here. She is being villified almost as much as Kim Yo-jong. Perhaps with reason.

    But now I notice that it is being accepted as fact that Biden is also relying on advice and counsel from Hunter. It lept from idle speculation (denied) to fact status in 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, Trump is being very quiet and subduded …. It must be hard for him!

    1. Watch how the right and the Biden camp handle the NYT story about the Parkinson’s Desease specialist’s frequent WH visits.

      1. Scroll over to America’s trusted news source, the NY Post, to see how the right will handle this…. According to their august journalists, it is rather clear that the WH is covering up that Biden is suffering from Parkinsons.

        Probably political BS from the right, but if it comes out that there is a cover up, Bye Bye Biden.

  7. imho the only way Biden can settle the masses would be to pass a neurological assessment…otherwise he will be scrutinized relentlessly and mercilessly … he deserves better given his decades of service but family have to step up for his sake at this point … something’s gotta give…

    1. IDK, now that dementia has become the narrative it’s already too late for Joe.

      Let’s say you and your siblings are starting to worry about mom’s ability to drive. Because there have been some incidents. So you have a group discussion and agree to have a neuro assessment which she passes (barely). How long until taking the keys comes back up again?

      This isn’t going away and any glimmer of cognitive hope is only delaying the inevitable outcome.

  8. Fun read. As an atheist, when Biden asks me for a contribution should I say I’m waiting for Almighty approval? Great budget strategy. Political religion, yuk.

    1. I know I’m being too hard on Joe. But I just wish, as a progressive, that Democrats would run somebody people can get excited about.

      1. With perspective, what’s your take on Sanders in 2016 or Warren in 2020? Do you think they really could have beaten Trump (2016) or done better than Biden (2020)?

        IDK. Most progressive stuff seems either too close to neoliberal status quo/incremental or whacko identity politics that annoys the hell out of most people while achieving strictly nothing for the minorities they pretend to care about?

  9. Agree, self motivating can get old. A little excitement would certainly help. I’ve been canvassing for Dems about 8 years. I find my local candidates motivating: Katie Porter, Mike Levin, etc. Wish Katie had stayed put, her old district is now in jeopardy.

  10. Nazareth happens to be very close to Scranton (look it up). Joe and Jesus probably grew up together, hence Joe waiting to hear from his old pal.

  11. I expect that the Lord Almighty might be contacting Joe one of these days, depending on how things play out. For a religious person, it’s a simple matter to change your mind: you heard a message from God.

  12. I think the democratic party is currently dysfunctional. They should go up to the white house and lay it out for Biden. Thanks to the supreme court, the stakes ar very high….Trump is an agent, whether witting or unwitting…I think Putin’s nickname should be Karla. I would run Harris for president and Whitmer for vice. I would pound the table about Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

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