#AIcapitulation (God Risk Revisited)

"All roads lead to Nvidia." That's the trade. Or at least that's how the market's trading, particularly now that "another equity alternative to US tech is faltering," with Europe hamstrung by political uncertainty. The quotes are from BofA's Michael Hartnett who, in the latest installment of his popular weekly "Flow Show" series, noted that tech shares saw a record inflow over the last several sessions. The $8.7 billion that flowed into tech-focused equity products was the most ever. Hartne

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5 thoughts on “#AIcapitulation (God Risk Revisited)

  1. Cowbell and “The Gold Watch.” Walken magic.

    The “Singularity” looked like it needed a water break, before going back to a sprint upward. It might actually close at gasp correction levels next week (relative to previous closes not intraday highs).

  2. Tangentially, I feel like we need a name for that specific shade of pale, light blue that AI image generators always use as a glow to indicate “technology”.

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