Soft Landing Strip Now Very Narrow, Kolanovic Says

The landing strip's narrow for Jerome Powell. That was one (familiar) message from JPMorgan analysts led by Marko Kolanovic on Monday. Last week's macro data out of the world's largest economy walked a fine line. The inflation updates (CPI and PPI) pointed to slower price growth, jobless claims jumped to the highest since August and consumer sentiment printed a six-month low. Slower inflation's unequivocally good. What about claims and sentiment? Isn't it bad when people apply for unemploymen

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14 thoughts on “Soft Landing Strip Now Very Narrow, Kolanovic Says

  1. The discretionary spending of the “poorest and most miserable” is, I think, of rather limited economic impact. Bottom income quintile has only about 3% of total household income and their discretionary spend is say 10% of that (they spend almost all their income on non-discretionary, housing being the largest part), so if they cut discretionary spend by a third it’s only about 0.1% of total household income lost to spending. Yes, I was taken aback at these numbers, and they could be off by a factor of two.

  2. “The solution to this (obviously) is for a lawyer-turned investment banker-turned technocrat to raise the price of money so high that you go broke, become miserable, lose your job or, ideally, all three.”

    Laugh out loud and it reminds Robo bank’s someone said “Isn’t the banker’s job is to steal the money while not being caught” in a letter to investors (something like that).

    Dark humor aside, what a sad world.

      1. If it makes you feel better, I consider myself an old school Simpsons aficionado and I can’t seem to find the Ralph Wiggum reference.

  3. Sadly, perhaps, I’ve never seen an episode of the Simpsons, but my only nephew and his wife have both helped create it for over a decade.

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