Macron Says Resignation Rumor ‘Absurd’

I hope Emmanuel Macron knows what he's doing. Really I do. On Wednesday, during a televised press event that doubled as a campaign ad, Macron called rumors he might resign in the event his snap election gambit backfires "false" and "absurd." Maybe the resignation hearsay --  which unnerved markets earlier this week -- is false, but it's not absurd. An Elabe poll of more than 1,500 French voters published Wednesday suggested Marine Le Pen's National Rally will trounce Macron's Renaissance by

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One thought on “Macron Says Resignation Rumor ‘Absurd’

  1. It really guts me. Macron isn’t perfect – he’s been so successful in his life he has problems expressing himself without talking down/seemingly talking down to people less ferociously willful as he is.

    But he’s smart, he’s really tried to reform France (even if, imho, he started with the wrong things) and he’s as pro-Europe as they come. We could have had a lot worse and we did have a lot worse from both the right and the left.

    Yet French people really despise him on a personal basis. I find it depressing as I suspect it’s related to so many French seeing themselves as a bunch of losers and resentful of his successes and his intelligence. That’s not what I had hoped my countrymen would become in the 21st century…

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