Open For Business

Visuals depicting Kevin McCarthy fist-bumping Steve Scalise (and Chuck Schumer flashing a double thumbs up) following an eleventh hour deal to avert a government shutdown in the US were decidedly Clark Griswold. America's highest ranking elected officials believe self congratulations are in order when they agree to keep the government open. There was a time when I found that sort of thing genuinely funny: Adults tasked with governing the world's economic and military hegemon oblivious to the s

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One thought on “Open For Business

  1. With 24 hours “news” being such a huge market, politicians have effectively become entertainers. They need to create artificial drama so there is “news” to keep viewers sucked into watching. This week’s “news” will be the fraudster actually paying a price for 4 decades of fraud and one clown trying to oust another clown. 45 days from now it’ll be the government shutdown season 3. Want it to stop? Turn off the TV and go read more Heisenberg or something.

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