Devil’s Bargains

I'm no stranger to a Devil's bargain. I've participated in several such arrangements. On both sides. I've sold my soul (or the secular equivalent) and bought the souls of others. When I was a buyer I didn't fancy myself a devil (let alone the Devil). Neither, I imagine, did the people on the other side of the deal when I was a seller. There's a fair market price for everything, including principles, standards, values and souls. That price varies with circumstance, and you can generally gauge a

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5 thoughts on “Devil’s Bargains

  1. Very nice. The US has one Achilles Heel. It can’t seem to function without a great enemy it sees harrying it with existential threats. We started with the indigenous peoples and the British. We next turned to each other, enemies we still harbor. Then it was Spain and Mexico. We’ve conjured communists (many of whom are now trading partners), middle eastern terrorists (never our own internal terrorists), the Chinese, the Germans, the Japanese, really anyone we can justify shooting at. We love to kill stuff. Millions of buffalo, all the Passenger Pigeons, most of the wolves, and of course, immigrants. The latter are the great hypocrisy, since all of us are either immigrants or descended from them. That need for an enemy is what makes it impossible for us to ever deserve the appellation “a Christian Country.” That is the main thing we are not, nor ever will be.

    1. Imho the US failed titanically its one major opportunity to promote and support enduring worldwide peace after 9/11; and the planet and humanity may never recover as a result…

  2. Excellent as usual. I am fully in the camp of letting Xi sink his own ship, the US may (should?) help a little along the way if it can, but the man seems to be doing a fine job of stopping progress in China on several fronts without help from the Western empires…

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