Bear Stearns Or LTCM? Fate Of Stocks Depends On The Answer

Buyer beware? This is a challenging moment for investors attempting to discern whether a long-in-the-tooth bear market can truly end without a real crash and indeed without a decline consistent with the depth of equity troughs observed during historical drawdowns. The Nasdaq 100 is ostensibly in a bull market, and there's an argument to be made that the banking panic, as long as it doesn't snowball into a national crisis, is just what the doctor ordered for too-hot demand and for a labor marke

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3 thoughts on “Bear Stearns Or LTCM? Fate Of Stocks Depends On The Answer

  1. Not to cause angst, but man needs the overconfidence gene to carry on….Herbert Stein said “If something can’t last forever, it won’t.” You could argue that logic for a stock market selloff is lining up convincingly, but it doesn’t seem like there is a very high professional allocation to the stock market…Years ago I used to say to the young man on my left every morning The quest for logic continues….

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