Inflation On Collision Course With Bank Drama As Traders Brace

Just as the second-largest bank failure in US history easily overshadowed nonfarm payrolls last week, so too will the specter of systemic risk and contagion from the SVB implosion eclipse a fresh read on US inflation in the week ahead. That's not to say CPI data due Tuesday won't be meaningful. Indeed, it could make a bad situation worse in terms of sentiment if it underscores the idea that the gap between r-star and r-double-star+ is even wider than we thought. Put differently, the SVB collap

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2 thoughts on “Inflation On Collision Course With Bank Drama As Traders Brace

  1. I’m sitting here wondering if we’ve gone from out of control inflation to:
    a) out of control deflation, or
    b) hyperinflation
    All in the course of a single weekend.

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