US Jobs Report Comes Up Favorable For Fed

The US economy added a consensus-topping 311,000 jobs in February, the government said Friday. Economists expected 225,000 from the world's most important macro print. The range of estimates was 80,000 to 325,000, so this was yet another example of a report which easily exceeded the expectations of those anticipating a marked slowdown. Revisions subtracted a mostly inconsequential 13,000 from January's blockbuster headline, and took 21,000 from December. The solid read on hiring was juxtapo

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2 thoughts on “US Jobs Report Comes Up Favorable For Fed

  1. “Good” and “bad” have become so confusing, with directionality of data disconnected from directionality of reaction, I propose four new terms for Websters: goodlybad, goodlygood, badlygood, and badlybad.

  2. i have even stopped paying close attention to trends and levels … for me, until reality and models sync somewhat, economic predictions are pissing in the wind – maybe single data points too. With H’s humor on the economists’ job, I try to not pile on (it’s all deserved tho imho) … as long as models and reality continue to diverge, we’re all flying blind (at least partially).

    Algo coders are going nuts too, right? Inconsistent & changing data models, low reliable data feeds, etc make machine learning just what you’d expect – garbage in, garbage out. – coders running around like little dutch children fingers extended to plug …

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