Grey Skies

"It's not so much a Black Friday as a grey one," SocGen's Kit Juckes wrote, summing up the stagflationary quagmire. "Quiet markets, grey skies and little enthusiasm for shopping given that for most people, most of their money is needed to cover mortgage and heating bills." It was an apt, albeit disheartening, description of the mood in advanced economies. The siren song of discounted flat screens will surely be too much for many of America's incorrigible spendthrifts, but that won't change the
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4 thoughts on “Grey Skies

  1. Grey indeed, but still things to be thankful for, including the thoughtful content and community provided by the estimable Dr. H. And, of course, that we’re not trying to stay alive in a basement in Kyiv or a foxhole in Donbas.

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