Japan’s Dark Day

Japan’s Dark Day

The world isn't getting any safer. Nor its people any less disturbed, apparently. In America, a country with more guns than people, the public has become numb to gun violence, its sensibilities worn down by mass shooting after mass shooting, one after the other, day after day. Anesthetized by the regularity of mass murder and a collective inability to do anything about it, Americans have by and large acquiesced to a situation that's not unlike daily life in countries where terrorism is endemic.
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4 thoughts on “Japan’s Dark Day

    1. This is a ludicrous red herring. The odds are as close to literally zero without actually being zero as it gets in all other developed economies. You’re obfuscating. The US is a total anomaly on this score. And no, depending on where you are in the country, the risk of random gun violence is most assuredly not “effectively zero.”

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