Goodbye Boris

Boris Johnson agreed to resign as UK Prime Minister Thursday, following a string of departures that included Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid, whose resignations described a wholly untenable situation at No 10. "Enough is enough," Javid told lawmakers, explaining his decision. "The reset button can only work so many times." Johnson's health secretary went on to say there's something "fundamentally wrong" with Boris's government. "Treading the tightrope between loyalty and integrity has become impos
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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Boris

  1. Big dog was a clown, and his act wore thin. Why folks vote for clowns is beyond me. Clowns are often scarier than funny for the folks led by them. The 21st century version of these types of autocrats include a healthy dose of outright lies too- see Trump, Berlesconi, Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Orban etc. Electorates generally get what they deserve….

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