Germany Faces Full-On Crisis As Uniper Looks At Bailout

Germany Faces Full-On Crisis As Uniper Looks At Bailout

Germany's worsening energy crunch was back above the fold on Thursday, after Uniper withdrew its outlook and nodded to a possible government bailout. The company, Germany's largest buyer of Russian gas, cited "major geopolitical uncertainties" and ambiguity around the scope of Russian flows for the decision to pull its full-year guidance. CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach described a "noticeable deterioration" in business conditions. The utility is at the center of Germany's frantic efforts to secure s
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2 thoughts on “Germany Faces Full-On Crisis As Uniper Looks At Bailout

  1. But that leaves open myriad questions about Russia’s long run economic fortunes. Presumably, the country will want to sell its energy to the West again at some point, post-Putin, and that door will close forever in a few years once Europe has time to secure alternative supplies.

    … and/or manage to push through with nuclear/renewables.

    As to Russians – f*ck them. They wanted to again be a medieval theocracy as opposed to some decadent European power. Let ’em have what they wished for.

  2. I am wondering what the odds are of concerted action by EU buyers to suppress price of oil and gas. Like what Europe is trying to organize for Russian crude.

    Would and could a similar buyers’ cartel be organized for NG or LNG? Seems difficult to do for LNG imports, but for domestically produced gas might be more feasible?

    Energy stocks are bifurcated, with high European exposure names holding up better than high US exposure names.

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