Germany Faces ‘Lehman Effect’ In Gas Standoff With Putin

Germany Faces ‘Lehman Effect’ In Gas Standoff With Putin

Germany's energy crisis heated up on Thursday, when Economy Minister Robert Habeck raised the country's alert level to "alarm," the second-highest phase in a tiered system that could eventually see the state commandeer the distribution process. "The whole market is in danger of collapsing," Habeck said, at a hastily convened press conference in Berlin, where he described "a Lehman effect in the energy system." Earlier this month, the Kremlin curtailed gas flows to Germany and Italy, citing tec
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6 thoughts on “Germany Faces ‘Lehman Effect’ In Gas Standoff With Putin

  1. I would say that Putin is a master tactical and strategic opponent. He has 2 primary weapons- energy and nuclear. He hasn’t even gotten to directly threatening nuclear yet and the West is already falling apart.
    Unfortunately, it does not look as if Ukraine will survive and ever look anything like it did in January, 2022 (at least in my remaining lifetime). Whatever small corner of the geographic area not colonized by Putin that used to be Ukraine – will hopefully get a “Marshall Plan” from the West to rebuild. My belief is that the West will stop supporting Ukraine- it is just a matter of time. It would be cheaper to allow Ukrainians to immigrate than to be cut off from energy.
    So is the free world going to significantly reduce drilling/mining of fossil fuels and shift to renewables that currently have collective battery storage to provide global energy needs for 75 seconds? Seems like a suicide plan.

    1. Yeah,….. Could try thinking these things out before they start down the trail. This was a long time coming and predicted by a lot of pretty smart people .

    1. What can cut demand for oil and gas? EVs, solar, wind, water turbines, and nuclear. Incentives for electric heat and cooking appliances would also help get more people off of natural gas.

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