This Crisis Requires Genuine Social Change

[Editor's note: In "The Cost Of Procrastination: America's Broken Economy," I compared the haphazard character of the country's overnight economic rethink, prompted by the pandemic, to the panicked transition to clean energy. In both cases, waiting too long consigned us to slapdash policymaking conducive to suboptimal, and unpredictable, outcomes. A rethink of the capital-labor relationship was decades overdue in America, as was a reevaluation and overhaul of the country’s embarrassingly inade

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2 thoughts on “This Crisis Requires Genuine Social Change

  1. I wish I were more optimistic about 2022 and our collective ability to navigate the next crisis. But however it turns out, I look forward to reading about it here.

    Thank you H for carrying us through another year, and happy new year!

  2. My first read every day. I am so grateful for your clear eyed common sense, rational observations even though much of the financial analysis is over my head.
    Happy New Year (happier) and many thanks for your work.

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