Stocks, COVID Enter 2022 Riding Unfathomable Surge

Stocks, COVID Enter 2022 Riding Unfathomable Surge

The first day of 2022 featured a somewhat awkward juxtaposition of headlines. Stories documenting the biggest surge in COVID cases since the onset of the pandemic looked uncomfortable sharing space above the fold with articles touting one of the most remarkable runs in recorded history for the world's most important risk asset benchmark. By now, nearly everyone with even a passing interest in the evolution of our planet's viral scourge is apprised of multiple studies suggesting the Omicron var
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3 thoughts on “Stocks, COVID Enter 2022 Riding Unfathomable Surge

  1. So, if Omicron wreaks havoc on the US and global economies, is it reasonable to assume the Fed will ease up?
    Hard to imagine the Fed will tighten in the midst of what seems to be happening. I recently read the small village of Xi’an China (population of 13 million people) is in total lockdown with reports of people placing grocery orders that 4 days later had still not been delivered.

  2. It now appears that Omicron is little threat to vaccinated and boosted individuals, although they will spread the infection to others. The good news may be that Omicron increases the individual’s resistance to Delta infection.

    At this stage of the pandemic it seems as though it may be time to live with the virus from behind a mask. Aside from leveling the curve to avoid overloading the hospitals, it seems inevitable that everyone will contract Omicron. If Omicron truly helps protect against Delta, all the better.

    As far as the unvaccinated adults go, after a year of begging and cajoling them to get protected, society should be past caring if they live or die.

    I know that I am.

  3. H-Man, Covid and inflation seem to share Hemingway’s definition of bankruptcy which was mentioned in Barrons but only as to inflation — first it is gradual and then it is suddenly. it would appear Omicron may peak, according to some, in mid-January —- but inflation seems to have more gas in the engine.

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