A Long Winter

Although the jury is still out on the Omicron variant's virulence and thereby the implications for hospitals as the strain looks to supplant Delta, there seems to be little doubt about the inevitability of higher case loads in the US. Joe Biden will detail The White House's plan to cope with another winter virus wave on Tuesday. "The President will deliver remarks on the status of the... fight against COVID-19, as the country sees rising cases amid the growing Omicron variant," Jen Psaki said.
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8 thoughts on “A Long Winter

  1. My conservative side would agree – at least anecdotally – that extended benefits contributed to delayed return-to-work. I personally know people who not only took full advantage of extended benefits, but who also defrauded the PPP, who otherwise would have continued working if these benefits were unavailable

    Certainly for some, even many, returning to work wasn’t an option.

  2. The bipartisan “Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021” (US house of representatives) looks like a step in the right direction for repairing supply chains. It won’t have an immediate effect on labor shortages at grocery stores, but it might help bust up a monopoly.

  3. Let’s see: $15/hr for the privilege of dealing with people who refuse to get vaccinated or think about anything other than themselves? No thanks. I’d rather day trade.

  4. My conservative MIL told me today “They’re paying people not to work.” I would say I won the argument, but the point is moot.

    Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted, streets are uneven when you’re down.

  5. For more than a half-decade, I’ve assiduously avoided human contact, eschewing almost any kind of socialization in favor of the (pseudo-)serenity that goes along with self-imposed exile. Despite my best efforts to blend in, I’m sure I appear as an oddity in public.

    I put the refrigerated items in my basket back in the coolers, left the rest of the cart at an empty customer service counter and left with nothing.

    Heis, we’re one in the same. Except I don’t own crypto.

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