Meanwhile, In Turkey

Meanwhile, In Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is irritated. At grocery stores. "Markets are turning upside down with products collected by these five market chains," Erdogan told reporters this week, while in the US for the UN General Assembly. "If they act more fairly, citizens will be able to buy groceries at reasonable prices and producers will also get their money earlier," he seethed, warning that if Turkey's largest chains didn't correct their behavior, the Trade Ministry would take "measures." He didn't specif
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5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Turkey

  1. Possible (black swan) turkey shortage in UK?

    “Supermarket shelves of carbonated drinks and water were left empty in some places and turkey producers have warned that families could be left without their traditional turkey lunch at Christmas if the carbon dioxide shortage continues.”

    1. The UK situation is certainly interesting, the political narrative, from both sides , is one of COVID related supply chain disruptions, whereas in fact it’s really due to Brexit.

      One need look no further than Northern Ireland as evidence , part of the UK , but still inside the EU for trade . Northern Ireland is not having the same supply difficulties as the rest of the UK.

      Another example of political stupidity and populist leaders harming their own populace

      1. Spot on. And it’s not just the UK suffering from populist fueled supply shortages. The biggest unreported financial story of the year is how the deranged former president spent 4 years destroying the American connection to the global supply chain.

  2. Thanks for that.We here in the U.S. are privileged to watch from the cheap seats (we hope) what happens when you don’t have a respected printing press and a leadership with some modicum of rationality.

  3. We are all still in the midst of an epic pandemic crisis, even though many among us have heads deeply rooted beneath shifting sands. The concept that global economies are snapping back into pre-Covid trends is hogwash. All anyone has to do is look at Florida, Texas, Idaho, et al, etc and look at the fact that a massive amount of unvaccinated people are piling up every day -=- as-if, this is normal. In most states, hospitalization are declining, while most people ignore the spikes in death rates. I can’t help but think the GOP is losing voters and that Covid is reshaping demographics (for the better?). Looks like a long dark road ahead everywhere — kinda like whack a mole with hydra heads … party on Wayne.

    “We are in a time of CO2 shortages once again, with shortages on the West Coast, the Midwest, and the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast,” Rushing told gasworld.

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