The Lollipop Emoji

The Lollipop Emoji

Somehow, I feel it's necessary to reiterate the general thrust of "Too Far Gone," an admittedly lengthy, multilayered article that found me knocking over a digital inkwell in the course of covering quite a bit of ground in characteristically breathless fashion. On Saturday afternoon, a few hours after that linked article was published, Bloomberg ran a piece called "Taper No Grounds for Tantrum to Stock Bulls Wielding $28 Billion." The $28 billion figure was the total plowed into equity ETFs ove
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5 thoughts on “The Lollipop Emoji

  1. It’s like the fed has been doing controlled dives to build airspeed since the policy engines flamed out. This last dive they couldn’t get the nose level again without stalling. There is no way out without getting policy running on all cylinders again. We can see how well that’s going.

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