"The labor shortage is holding back growth for small businesses across the country," NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg said Tuesday, in the color accompanying the May vintage of the organization's optimism survey. The headline print was largely unchanged from April. "If small business owners could hire more workers to take care of customers, sales would be higher and getting closer to pre-COVID levels," Dunkelberg continued, before describing inflation on Main Street as "rampant." Small busi
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6 thoughts on “‘Renaissance’

  1. I was in Seaside Fl for the first time in 17 years. There was a period of time when we took our young kids there every year for a week on the beach. We would draw a map for them to get from our rental house to the market, gave them money for donuts and walkie talkies for “just in case”. What fun we had!
    Now, Seaside is overrun with people and even more people, food trucks and retail. The access to the beach is gated and locked. They ruined something that was truly amazing, although I guess it is now more “profitable”. No one in their right mind would send 3 kids ( ages 2,5 and 7) off on an “adventure” anymore.
    In the Bahamas, what I learned is that the uber wealthy travel to beautiful locations and either stay in a gated community, on a mega yacht or at the Four Seasons. Atlantis, where I did visit the waterpark for an afternoon, (but not the casino, as I get my fill of gambling everyday in the US stock market) was basically another version of Walt Disney World, or so I am told.
    If Americans really want to see the natural beauty that North America has to offer- it certainly is possible. I hesitate to give this little secret away, but you can find yourself and be brought to emotional happiness from hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I promise that if you hike to the top of Mt. Holy Cross you will be brought to tears. I just can’t tell you exactly what the source of those tears will be.

  2. We are 25 years behind out here in MT… Bought as many Sections as I could back in the 1990’s…on the waters.. Population and quality of life have an inverse relationship so I said over the years.. It ‘s true from the comments I read .

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