Bumble’s Billions And Tilray’s Finest

Bumble’s Billions And Tilray’s Finest

I don't remember when it was. A few months ago, maybe. Sometime before I decided to all but stop tweeting (outside of links to articles), I idly mentioned on Twitter that I "don't know what a Bumble is." Fast forward several weeks and while I still can't claim to understand exactly what Bumble does, I do know one thing: It was valued at some $14 billion after rising as much as 85% in its debut as a public company Thursday. Does that make any sense? I have no idea. The S-1 shows "Bumble Holdin
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4 thoughts on “Bumble’s Billions And Tilray’s Finest

  1. Such is the fodder for comparing nowaday to .com days. Bumblebubbles’ assuming that dating will not get back to normal is a bit absurd. After all great disruptions humans seem to get back to it with gusto. Looking at past wars and pandemics it is amazing to see how populations make such quick comebacks.

    1. “dating will not get back to normal is a bit absurd”

      I’ve lived long enough to see some pretty profound changes in dating and hookup practices and can honestly say that, I don’t think things will return to “normal”. It all changed with the internet. All the newest dating/hookup apps & sites are merely refinements, and they work
      A 72yo widower client of mine just met his new girlfriend on a dating site and is thrilled the resource was there for him. It avoids the tedium of churches, bereavement groups, and book clubs

      I knew the world had profoundly changed about 10 years ago when I discovered that there were people in a crowded bar who were actually on one of the dating/hookup sites to search for people standing close to them.

  2. “Tilray. 24 hours after surging 50% in one session, it fell 49.7%.”

    The Redditors need to pick their targets batter. GME was a brilliant pick because of the mega-short interest. But also because I doubt there were many “stranded longs” sitting with underwater positions they were hoping to sell “someday”. (Due to inertia, human nature, reluctance to book a loss etc.) For example, I punted part of a legacy Nokia holding and a friend pitched his Macy’s stock. We thanked the Redditors as we did so.

    I would not be surprised to learn that there were many similar stories in TLRY.

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