Less Money, More Poverty

Less Money, More Poverty

On New Year's Eve, as the curtain closed on what, for those lucky enough to have survived it, was one of the worst years in living memory, I noted that 2020 was an especially good year to be rich. Of course, outside of peasant revolts (exceedingly rare events in modernity), there aren't all that many "bad" years to be wealthy. It's true that being rich doesn’t guarantee you’re going to a have a "good" year, depending on your definition of "good." And, to be sure, the late Christopher Wallac
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3 thoughts on “Less Money, More Poverty

  1. The most expansive empire of all time. The world’s richest country ever. Most dominate military ever. Beacon of democracy. I’m so pumped up about how we are colonizing the inner solar system. We are the penultimate expression of governance and human achievement.

    Someone, please give me a paper bag to breathe into.

    To ameliorate my depression over all the winning, my drug of choice is to buy calls on GME.

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