2020 Was An Especially Good Year To Be Rich

2020 was a good year to be rich. I mean, every year is a good year to be rich in many respects, although being rich doesn't guarantee you're going to a have a "good" year, depending on your definition of "good." But 2020, a year during which more than 1.8 million people around the globe lost their lives to a virus, was an especially fortuitous time for the world's richest people, financially speaking at least. It goes without saying that the richer you are, the better insulated you're likely

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5 thoughts on “2020 Was An Especially Good Year To Be Rich

  1. Sustainable is possible. Is it desirable?
    Having a bunker helps to sleep at night when you do not need it.
    Will any Titans come out of their denial and understand what anyone and everyone should understand.
    Individualism is a bad joke. It takes humanity to make being a human safe and comfortable.
    If Titans do not start singing from the tree tops their love of humanity and put their money where their mouths are they may yet enjoy bunker life. They may come to realize how very much luck played into personal success when the luck runs out.
    I hope we find an easy end to the Donald. His chaos is like John Gotties fireworks. Once the show is shut down everyone knows it is time to find a new Bonnie and Clyde. Donald does not want to go. I do give thanks to the many Republicans who believe in the Constitution. A year of strange bedfellows.
    So the rich once again make off with the loot while the masses suffer. Amazing to me that the republicans who are quick to have a war on drugs,sexuality,”lazy people”, and a whole cast of humans other than themselves could not fight a microscopic virus. Our President would not and could not fight this virus because of political ambition. He is a coward and not fit to be a Commander and Chief. One mans political calculations resulting in 200,000 extra deaths. There is a felony Mr H.
    Thank you Mr. H for your insight and giving me a sense of community. I already feel like we musta had a cigar and coffee somewhere.
    Favorite toast (Pelegrino)
    Never above you
    Never below you
    Always with you

    1. As soon as the US gov’t implements an annual valuation tax on all assets (similar to the annual valuation taxes on real estate, plant & equipment and vehicles by local/state gov’ts), then this wealth inequality will narrow substantially. It doesn’t even need to be called a tax, it could be called the “Annual Premium for Insurance Provided by the Federal Reserve”. But I’m not holding my breath…

  2. This year and this crisis has exposed much of what’s rotten in the state of ‘Merica. But, maybe, on the plus side, it has also shown the world that Modern Modern Theory is a way forward that at least produces less misery for average citizens than the misguided austerity of central bankers during the Great Depression.

    Too bad the Repubs had the power, though, because the rich indeed made out like bandits and our wealth gap is worse than ever.

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