As Birx, Fauci Reflect On Trump, Some Seem Unsatisfied

As Birx, Fauci Reflect On Trump, Some Seem Unsatisfied

If you're inclined to hand-wringing about the virus and what could have been, so to speak, there was disconcerting news Sunday out of the US. Most notably, Deborah Birx suggested during an interview with CBS's "Face the Nation" that Donald Trump wittingly showed Americans charts that were based on questionable datasets. "I saw the president presenting graphs that I never made," Birx told Margaret Brennan. "So, I know that someone out there or someone inside was creating a parallel set of data
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6 thoughts on “As Birx, Fauci Reflect On Trump, Some Seem Unsatisfied

  1. Well, you have to walk a fine line when you’re “trying to change the system from within.” Fauci was critical of Trump in numerous interviews, but was too popular to fire. On the other hand, Birx went WAY over that line, IMHO: “[Trump’s] been so attentive to the scientific literature and the details and the data,” Birx said. “I think his ability to analyze and integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit during these discussions about medical issues.” After Biden won she “retired” and is on her rehabilitation tour. I forget, which circle of Hell do folks like this end up in?

  2. I am doubtful any good would’ve come out of them making this public earlier. It was apparent to anyone reading legitimate news that Trump wasn’t following the data and that the public shouldn’t trust what he was saying. When Trump briefly realized that he needed to appear to care (for about two weeks in October), I’m glad that there were experts available. Fauci could’ve become an MSNBC darling six months ago by speaking out, except he already was one.

  3. Two things are clear; 1) The US did a terrible job of dealing with the virus, 2) the buck stops with Trump. Fauci and Birx were soldiers trying to do their jobs during a global ‘war’. We can only speculate what their hourly life was life in a completely disfunctional command center. Least we forget, these people have dedicated their careers to saving lives. Who is qualified to judge them? Who is qualified to judge a soldier in the heat of battle without having been there. Anybody who was paying attention could see Fauci did not agree with the Administration’s virus response.

  4. Right is Might – Trump does not understand this concept.

    Trump also did not understand that many upper level people who worked in the government were there because of a higher personal calling they felt to give back, help and serve our great country.

    Not to serve Trump, or for that matter, any individual or political party.

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