Back To Work

The US is poised to get back to business coming off a holiday which this year was defined by virtual gatherings or else by people defying public health guidelines to crowd around the dinner table at the risk of sickening the grandparents -- and not just because someone messed up the deviled eggs. Awaiting market participants is a full data docket headlined by PMIs and November payrolls, with ISM manufacturing up Tuesday. Manufacturing has been reasonably resilient thanks to shifting consumptio
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3 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. I hope our elected politicians have learned a lesson from Covid-19 and bring back a critical amount of manufacturing across industries, especially pharmaceuticals and chips, as protection for our country.
    Sure, we will have to subsidize the salaries, compared to what China pays the Uighur Muslims or even what people are paid in India and China that are not held in labor camps, but it seems we could muster bi-partisan support for that. Both from national security and providing more “living wage” jobs.

  2. You would think. But, you have to take into account where Mitch McConnell’s mind is. Is he bent on destroying the GOP or trying to make it into the real leadership of America where it has it’s foot on the neck of government. If there is no meaningful relief package out of the Senate before the Georgia senatorial run-off elections and the GOP loses both seats to the Democrats, i believe the whole country will be aware of the fact that the GOP doesn’t give a damn about the millions of people who are in dire straights throughout the nation. That the Democrats have to be in control to save the hungry and the homeless through no fault of their own. The relief package bills are waiting for the Senate to take up and vote on. Mitch has only to say the word. Are there enough Republican Senators willing to help the people who are in real need or are they to be found on the golf course with the former President who abdicated and continues to ignore the cries of the people he was sworn in to serve.

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