(Dangerously) Aloof

(Dangerously) Aloof

"Did you send me a check?" It was the accountant. He never says "Hi" or identifies himself when he calls. It's not that he has to. I have caller ID, just like everyone else, and because he's one of the only five (or so) people who ever call me, I'd know his voice anytime, anywhere, even if there was a hurricane raging in the background. I know this because I have, in fact, spoken with him during a hurricane. But it's still amusing. He just starts talking as soon as he knows there's someone on
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9 thoughts on “(Dangerously) Aloof

  1. Did you ever read “Winds of War”? I recall that the ex-pat American character Aaron Jastrow lived a comfortable, detached life in Sienna, Italy in 1939.

  2. Any comment on marko kalonivic’s recent tirade? I guess he knows more about electoral stats than nate silver and more about oil markets than jpm oil and commodities analyst!!!

    1. Ha, wow, seems like he’s letting his own biases show. I think many of the folks who “predicted” a Trump win have let it go to their heads. I’m not saying Kolanovic isn’t a sharp guy (far more so than me), but I really hope 538 nails the forecast this time around to put an end to all these folks who act like 538 missed by a mile last time. Anyone can get something right once, but 538 has repeatedly shown that they are the best in the business when it comes to political modeling and forecasting.

        1. Folks, I understand that you’re all interested in that story and I understand why. Marko is a big name and Nate is, of course, a minor celebrity.

          But let’s not turn this into a gossip column.

          Please. I’m asking nicely and with all due respect to my readers. Let’s just focus on what’s important right now: The country and the election. Not what somebody said in an internal JPMorgan chat room.

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