Boilerplate Lines, Pernicious Canards

Stop me if you've heard this one before: US equities came into the new week looking for gains as fresh stimulus hopes fueled cautious optimism. This is such a broken record by now that I'm almost embarrassed for the journalists who, lacking a more compelling lead, are forced to resort to Old Faithful. There's now a "deadline" on the table for a virus relief deal between Nancy Pelosi and The White House (basically Monday evening, but let's call it Tuesday) on a comprehensive package worth some $

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11 thoughts on “Boilerplate Lines, Pernicious Canards

  1. BRAVO! The contrast between military imperialism and this pandemic couldn’t be a better way of illustrating how ridiculous this debate is. The government of the United States cares more about growing it’s own power than protecting it’s constituents.

  2. It seems that we continue to drive other countries toward not using the dollar to trade and do business as we constantly weaponize sanctions to bludgeon them to do what we want. Eventually they will have worked around the US and in the meantime we will still want to spend willy-nilly. Russia and China seem to be half way their right now in their trade.

  3. Is it too late for Heisenberg to enter the presidential race? Great article founded on common sense and reality. At some point king dollar is going to pay the price and Katie bar the door. You are right, supply side is a contradiction in terms, but for some reason it endures (no secret, the elites have control of the narrative).

    1. The reason supply-side/tax cut theories still have legs is very simple. People must live with budget limitations (income + borrowing power). These limited resources mean that all options for spending these limited resources compete with one another. Taxes paid are new cellphones, clothes and nights out that can’t be bought. Tell people they will pay less tax and no matter the details, they will see what else they can buy. The trouble is that when to much tax cutting takes place eventually our century-old water and sewer lines break, our power grid starts to fail, and our health care system fails us even more. Any body who can convince people that they can create free lunch will be a winner. Offering to cut taxes and promising that making the rich even richer will ‘trickle down” looks a hell of a lot like free lunch. Still no such thing. It didn’t work for Reagan and it isn’t working now.

  4. 2.2 trillion comes to $6500 for every US person. How much of that will be distributed and how much will be used for the greatest good? Who determines the greatest good for each individual better than each individual?

      1. No, those are valid lessons, but I was thinking more of Socialism vs Liberalism. The bottom 50% lost their income. Big brother is going to give them 1200 peanuts, send money to state governments, fund cities (that are being abandoned!) and generally pass more laws. Fixing Covid is a good, but going further down that path is a power grab

  5. So, how do you hold the ones responsible accountable?? How many lives were lost needlessly and families pushed into poverty?? Is loosing the election and suffering through having to collect a presidential or Senatorial pension for the rest of your life enough of a punishment??

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