Larry Kudlow repeated a familiar talking point on Sunday: The US economic recovery doesn't depend on another fiscal stimulus package. Despite the administration's desire to get a deal done, it's important to feign confidence in the status quo in case things fall through. The status quo, you're reminded, is utter gridlock. Trump spent last week engaged in what felt like an aggressive, uninterrupted dialogue with himself, declaring relief negotiations dead and buried on Tuesday, only to demand C
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6 thoughts on “Extraterrestrials

  1. “The US economic recovery doesn’t depend on another fiscal stimulus package.” How does this statement hold up as true in any individual’s version of reality? I understand we all distort reality to some extent for our own convenience, but I can’t imagine the amount of mental gymnastics needed to actually believe that sentence.

    Fundamentally, I’m more of a socialist than a capitalist, and was a Sanders supporter during the primary. I gave monthly to his campaign. Not much, but what I could afford to give. However, I am going to vote and I will vote for the Democratic candidate as I did in 2016 because 1) the administration will be more competent (which isn’t saying much given we have maybe the most incompetent administration in history), 2) the Biden administration will leave more openings in their policies to move left, 3) the down ballot votes are too important to not show up.

    I recognize that this approach to voting isn’t a revelation and most subscribers to this site probably vote in a similar manner, whether left or right. But, if you’re a Sanders supporter and still have reservations about casting that vote for Biden and other Democrats, especially in a swing state, I am begging you to cast your ballot, by mail or in person. The current administration (and Senate, for that matter) are simply too incompetent for our country, as flawed as it may be, to survive another four years of this chaos.

  2. All other things aside. He has made himself incapable being Commander and Chief. He does not accept reality enough to be strategic. Big guns are great to have but everyone has an unimagined Maginot Line. As Trump said. “In terms of equipment.”

    General Mattis,retired , “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people–does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us.” A bad strategy for a Commander and Chief

  3. If I was an alien,
    living here on earth
    Just waiting for my moment,
    to take over your turf?
    Would you try to stop me,
    give it your best shot?
    I couldn’t be much worse
    than the f#^kers that you’ve got

  4. If i was an alien,
    who came from outer space
    Could you explain to me the behavior,
    of your human race?
    If i was an alien,
    who came from outer space
    Could you explain to me the behavior,
    of your human race?
    ‘Cause you live like you’re in slavery,
    as you wallow in your muck
    Your rulers they are laughing,
    as they f^ck you for a buck

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