Who Is Donald Trump? Even He May Not Know Anymore

Who Is Donald Trump? Even He May Not Know Anymore

Headlines for stories documenting the first presidential debate read like lamentations for a country that's lost its way. The spectacle Americans were subjected to on Tuesday evening when Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and a bemused Chris Wallace spent the better part of 90 minutes shouting at each other on national television, served as yet another testament to how far America has regressed in just a few short years. History buffs often contrast the eloquence with which political rivals once addre
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4 thoughts on “Who Is Donald Trump? Even He May Not Know Anymore

  1. Biden rose to the occasion last night by not taking the high road. It was a politically shrewd move.

    Let’s hope that what we saw last night is the only one of it’s kind. The Democrats will hopefully refuse to debate any further with Trump. Or at least place a condition that Trump release his Federal tax returns seven days or more before the next debate. Or, place a condition that Trump renounce White supremacy from the Oval Office in a live address to the nation prior to the next debate.

    The rung left for Trump to descend to is starting a war that results in a loss of many lives in a short time. Would he go to that place? Does he have awareness of what love and loss are? Surely, any hypothetical engagement he would engage in would result in a humiliating defeat for our nation. Let’s hope he is removed from office before it happens.

  2. One of the great sentences of 2020: “Although Barack Obama’s oratorical gifts served as a reminder that US politicians need not degrade themselves (or the country) to get their point across, Trump has made petty insults delivered in broken English with the cadence of a fifth grader the national language.”

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